If you’re looking for the best tips for selling your home without breaking the bank on a renovation or large-scale project, we’ve got a list of 4 unique ways you can ensure a smooth sale.

With over 19 years in the industry, we’ve helped sell over 1,000 homes and want to share some industry tips that you won’t see in other blogs online.

In this article, we have direct insight from Luke Carter, our principal agent and co-owner of Harcourts Caloundra

Keep reading to learn more about our top pieces of advice for selling your home.

Get a building inspection done before you go to market

It’s common that we see sellers skip getting a building inspection before going to market which can be a huge mistake.

Whether it’s to save money or because they feel like their home is too new to need an inspection, this small cost will give you peace of mind so that when the buyer gets their inspector you don’t get any surprises.

This process can be done by a building and pest inspector and is essential in identifying any hidden issues that could negatively impact the sale or reduce the property’s value.

LC: “After two decades in sales, I can tell you even the best-maintained homes can throw a curve ball when it comes to building inspections.

Nothing is worse than securing a great price from a buyer and having something that could have easily been fixed before the sale spook them.”

An example of this is something as simple as a high moisture meter reading on the shower floor or shower wall.

LC: “Over the years, I’ve found that many homes regardless of age show a high moisture reading in a shower.

While there are instances where this is indicative of larger problems, more often than not the issue isn’t big enough to cause long-term damage.

This is usually nothing sinister.

It might just be a small amount of water that has gotten through a crack in the grout or perished silicone sealing around the taps.

However, it’s enough moisture to set off the inspector’s moisture reader.

Some building and pest inspectors aren’t the greatest at communicating the severity of their findings to buyers.

I have seen buyers pull out of a contract because of this when it could have been so easily avoided with a quick fix in the lead-up to putting the home on the market.”

There are several little things like this that a home inspection will pick up and allow you to get sorted before you go to the market which can avoid the stress of having a contract crash.

Ensure all structures, additions, and renovations are approved and fully inspected

One crucial step in ensuring a smooth property sale is verifying that all structures, additions, and renovations on your property are fully approved and have passed their final inspections. 

It’s surprisingly common for homeowners to obtain initial approval for their building projects but forget to follow through with the final certification process. 

This oversight can lead to significant complications during the sale of the property.

LC: “It is extremely common to find out at the contract stage of the sale that a property has not had its final building certification done.

While it’s a relatively cost-effective procedure, it takes time and can really delay the settlement process.

This situation is especially problematic if, like most people, you are relying on the proceeds from your sale to fund the purchase of another property.”

To prevent these issues, review your property’s documentation before listing it for sale to ensure all constructions have been properly certified. If any discrepancies or missing certifications are found, address them promptly by hiring a certifier.

Proactively managing these details ensures all parties are informed, helps maintain a hassle-free sale, and prevents any disruptions to your plans.

Help the buyer envision their future home through decluttering

Over the years we all collect sentimental things and we often don’t realise how much we actually have until we have to pack it all up and put it into boxes when we move. 

LC: “Our team always recommends our clients to complete a pre-pack before they go to market.

By that, we mean packing up all your unnecessary items and putting them in the garage or hiring a storage shed for a few weeks while you sell the house.

It’s amazing how much of a difference taking just 10% of things from a room can make.”

Decluttering not only makes your space appear larger and more inviting but also allows potential buyers to easily envision themselves living in the home, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a smooth sale.

A good real estate agent or a genuine honest friend or relative with an eye for style will give you an independent assessment of what should stay and what should go. 

Clean homes sell fast

There is a saying in real estate and that is clean homes sell fast.

Ensuring your home is clean and tidy is very important and cannot be understated.

This is an easy and low-cost task that is often overlooked by people when they try to sell their home. 

Not only does cleanliness help ensure a smooth sale process, but in our experience, it is the most cost-effective way to maximise the value of your property when trying to sell.

A week of hard work or employing a professional to ensure your house and yard is spick and span can add 10’s of thousands of dollars to your final sale price.

LC: “Everyone’s version of cleanliness is different if you don’t feel it is your strong point outsource it to a professional or ask a friend you trust to tell you the truth to come and look and give you their opinion of what you need to do.”

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